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What is Co Q10?

Co-Q10 is a totally natural substance found in every cell of the human body, especially in the heart. Ubiquinone is produced by the liver naturally. Co-Q10 is found in the food chain. Foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables have low levels whilst raw meat or very undercooked meat has potentially high levels.

Co-Q10 is harvested from a unique algae source produced in Japan. The Co-Q10 is removed without damaging the algae which is then able to recover and consequently can be re-harvested continually.

Co-Q10 acts similar to extremely effective strong antioxidants. It prevents production of Oxygen free radicals initially, due to efficient controlled use of Oxygen and Hydrogen electrons which then ensures that cellular anti-oxidants have less free radicals to negate. In catalytic pathways it sparks the manufacture of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP), which is the basic energy currency molecule of the cell. ATP is the fuel that electrifies the Mitochondria. Co-Q10 is the precursor of ATP. ATP is created within the Electron Transport Systems (ETS). There can be up to 15,000 Electron Transport Systems in one Mitochondria. The numbers differ greatly in various body parts and individuals.

Without the presence of Co-Q10 in all mammal cells, the cellular Mitochondrial electronic balance diminishes with increasing age, resulting in ever increasing numbers of free radicals pervading the cell. This decline in the health of your Mitochondria is Mitochondrial disease.

Co-Q10 is the key to accessing HEZ (Hydrogen Efficiency Zone).

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