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While Ester-C® brand mineral ascorbates have enjoyed great popularity as oral vitamin C supplements, the product is sometimes confused with vitamin C esters, such as ascorbyl palmitate and ascorbyl phosphates. Some marketers have even tried to cause deliberate confusion by calling their products "esterified" vitamin C, in order to capitalize on the success of Ester-C® ascorbates.


The family of Ester-C products does not contain chemical esters (a specifictype of chemical bonding). The tradename Ester-C® is not descriptive of the chemical composition of the principal products. Ester-C® is a mineral salt of ascorbic acid (i.e., calcium ascorbate) plus vitamin C metabolites, such as threonate. The Ester-C® mineral ascorbate/metabolite complex, which is the core ingredient in many oral supplements, is protected by US Patent #4,822,816.

New Ester-C® Topical for cosmetics is a solution of Ester-CŪ mineral ascorbates in a polyglycol solvent. It contains no fatty acid esters and was designed to be compatible with a wide variety of oil/water emulsions used for cosmetics and topicals. Unlike many other vitamin C products for cosmetic use, Ester-C® Topical has been shown to have superior stability and to deliver vitamin C well below the top layer of skin.

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