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Ester C
Topical Concentration


  • Worldwide sales of non-prescription health and beauty aids surpassed $55 billion in 1997. Skin care was the fastest growing category, growing annually at 6.3% over the past five years.
  • Sales of anti-aging "cosmeceutical" skin care products reached $390 million last year. Cosmeceuticals reduce and protect against the signs of aging in the skin - not merely cover them up.
  • Adding essential nutrients such as vitamin C to skin care products is the hottest area because of the known benefits of vitamins.
  • A new generation of personal care products is relying on high-tech engineering and antioxidants to create and preserve healthy skin.
  • Aging consumers, especially baby boomers, have a growing interest in natural, effective alternatives to chemical skin lighteners and rejuvenators, and recognize the benefits of vitamins and other nutrients.
  • With products containing ordinary vitamin C, much of the value of the nutrients in topical applications is lost before the consumer ever opens the jar.

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