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C FactorTM is designed to counteract time, the environment, and the forces that are harmful to your complexion. At the same time, it protects from future damage by promoting cell renewal, boosting collagen production and providing antioxidant protection.
Ester-C Topical Concentrate, Pycnogenol, Bio-Ferm and Co-Q10

  • Maintains Skin Elasticity
  • Improves Your Skin Tones
  • Great for use Under Make Up
  • Non-Drying, Moisturizing Formula
  • Stimulates Cell Renewal for New Skin
  • Inhibits UV Aging for Younger Looking Skin
  • Boost Collagen Production for Skin Protection
  • Reduces the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

"As a female business executive, and for simply a general feeling of self confidence, my appearance is very important. I have what we ladies like to refer to as mature skin, skin that has been around for way over 40 years. In these many years I have tried most product types that have come on the market in my quest to remain as young as possible for as long as possible. One essential skin care regimen particularly touted by my dermatologist has been to 'use a C based product'. Vitamin C actually rejuvenates and replaces old skin cells with new cells creating a more beautiful, smoother and softer skin that actually glows. While this works, I found all the C products I used to be so drying or sticky when applied to the skin that I could only use them at bedtime and never under makeup.

I was delighted to discover VesPro's C Factor product. It is totally non-drying, gives my skin the rejuvenated new skin glow and best of all I can use it under makeup as a moisturizing base. Thank you, VesPro, for putting all the necessary parts together in one bottle for a more beautiful me."
-- Carol W.

"I started using C Factor at night eight days ago...I noticed the difference after the very first use! My skin looked smoother the next morning, and the fine lines around my mouth seemed less visible. Even the furrow lines that I have developed on my forehead seemed less pronounced! The product continues to work...after only one week, I can really tell that it is making a difference in the youthful appearance of my skin." "I have purchased three other products that say they are rich in vitamin C. After several months of use, I really couldn't tell that they were doing much. I was disappointed. I know the many benefits of vitamin C, as well as its incredible ability to repair and rebuild cells in the skin, so I had expectations of the other products. I was beginning to doubt that vitamin C could really make a big difference - until I used C Factor. I am really glad to find such a high quality product." -- Robin M.

For the first time ever, a formula that combines these top ingredients:

Ester-C Topical® - A Technological Breakthrough
14.3% pure & stable Vitamin C. The Big news about Ester C is the shelf life. While most Vitamin C used in topical products is so unstable that 90% of its potency is gone after the first month (30 days). C Factor's main ingredient, Ester-C Topical retains 90% of its Vitamin C activity for 2 years (730 days). This translates to more potency in the bottle, so when you apply it, it sends concentrations of stable vitamin C directly into the skin.

Pycnogenol® - Maintains Skin Health
A natural plant extract from the bark of the Maritime Pine, pinus maritima, growing along the coast of south-west France, in the Lands of Gascony. Pycnogenol® is a water-soluble flavonoid extract with highly bio available procyanidins, catechins, taxifolins and the typical spectrum of phenolic acids. has proof of its bio availability in man. Pycnogenol®, is a powerful blend of antioxidants and a natural anti-inflammatory agent, helps binds collagen fibers, realigning them in the process to more youthful, undamaged structures. Elasticity and flexible strength is restored to connective tissue. Current research has shown that Pycnogenol® maintains skin health and helps alleviate a variety of other conditions.

Co-Q10 - Antioxidants
Co-Q10 is a totally natural substance found in every cell of the human body, especially in the heart. Co-Q10 acts similar to extremely effective strong antioxidants. It prevents production of Oxygen free radicals initially, due to efficient controlled use of Oxygen and Hydrogen electrons which then ensures that cellular anti-oxidants have less free radicals to negate.

Bio-Ferm - The Cutting Edge
A New and Unique All Natural Herbal Complex brought together from around the globe. From the United States desert southwest comes Jojoba, which provides a nutrient base rich in triglycerides and minerals, especially iodine. Yucca Root and Aloe for cleansing and moisturizing---also Arnica flowers and Juniper are sourced from the Northern U.S. South America provides Soapbark, known for its gentle cleansing qualities. Europe provides herbs from the alps, the Mediterranean and the northern plains such as Horsetail, Rosemary, Kelp, and Chamomile. From the Orient comes Green Tea, Each herb is carefully selected for it's natural constituents and blended in specific proportions to maximize their effect.

The antioxidant effects of C Factors'TM ingredients have been proven to neutralize free radical activity caused by exposure to the sun, stress, pollution, and smoking.

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