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  IGF-1 MedTM Sublingual Spray: A more direct, immediate and cost effective solution to the decline of IGF-1 is the sublingual administration of IGF-1.
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SomatoMed TM:
Growth Hormone Secretagogue - nutritional support for the endocrine/growth hormone system. VesPro's state-of-the-art growth hormone releasing secretagogue.

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VesPro SomatoMed MaxTM
with advanced human growth hormone releasting formula brings you double the amount of peptides in a microencapsulation delivery system to better utilize the peptides and deliver them to your receptor sites. These improvements have shown in our studies to greatly increase the effectiveness and potency of our Growth Hormone secretagogue.

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$99.95 Each 80 tablets/bottle
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  SomateinTM Protein Powder with Nitrobol:
SomateinTM - is the only Nitrogen Management System available. Increases protein absorption while enhancing nitrogen retention with our exclusive "NitrobolTM" additive. Helps prevent muscle wasting.
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C FactorTM Vitamin Skin Treatment:
C FactorTM is an antioxidant topical C concentrate with stabilized Ester C® (14% Vitamin C), C0-Q10 and Pycnogenol®. An unique non-drying moisturizing formula great for under make-up and fights aging skin.
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