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When VesPro Life Sciences LLC set out to develop a protein powder the goal was simple; to formulate the best protein on the market. Our goal wasn't to compete in price, but in quality. In today's food supplement market, cheap means cheap. Quality ingredients cost more than inferior ingredients. Cutting-edge formulas cost more than run-of-the mill formulas, due to research costs. Which costs the most; the inexpensive product that doesn't work, or the more expensive product that does work?   protein, optimize protein uptake, somatein, protein supplement, maximize muscle, synthesis,  minimize, liver, kidney, digestive stress, nitrogen, enhance, cellular uptake, reduce digestive, liver, kidney, stress, Broken Chain Amino Peptides, Lactalbumin, NitroBol, saponins, steroids, bodybuilder, body weight, sport, performance, healthy, teeth, energy, stamina, muscle strength, mass, oxygen supply, cardiac output,

In developing SomateinTM, we wanted to do more than just provide quality protein. We also wanted to ensure its performance.

SomateinTM is a combination of 6 key proprietary components that optimize protein uptake, maximize muscle synthesis and minimize liver, kidney and digestive stress.


Mix two scoops (26g) or two heaping tablespoons in regular or low fat milk, or your favorite beverage; stir and drink.


  • Glutamine Peptide SBP**
  • GlycoAmino Acids SBP**
  • Branch Chain Aminos SBP**
  • Methyl Donors - Methyl Glycine and Methyl Sulfur
  • NitroBolTM - Nitrogen Balance Enhancer
  • SBP** IGF-1, iGg, and Taurine
  • **SBP-Sequenced BCATM Peptides


Not for use in weight loss unless used as part of a complete training and nutritional weight loss program. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women. Keep out of reach of children.


Nitrogen balance is the key factor in turning protein into muscle. Lost nitrogen is lost muscle. The reason steroids work so well is their ability to increase nitrogen balance necessary for the synthesis of muscle tissue from nitrogen-bearing amino acids. That's why SomateinTM has NitrobolTM. NitrobolTM increases nitrogen balance. VesPro has the exclusive rights to this amazing ingredient. Like so many powerful anabolic substances, NitrobolTM originated in agriculture. The original purpose for development was to put muscle weight on livestock. Several agriculture studies verify NitroBol'sTM effectiveness for this purpose. NitrobolTM is a completely safe and extremely effective, natural addition to an already outstanding protein formula.

For NitrobolTM to do its job, a blend of high nitrogen bearing amino acids is necessary. NitrobolTM works on the available Nitrogen, the higher the nitrogen content of the protein, the better the performance of NitrobolTM. A blend of 4 different protein sources ensures the high nitrogen content of SomateinTM.

In what form does protein have to be before it can be synthesized into tissue? the answer: Broken Chain Amino peptides. The body cannot utilize any other other form for muscle. If protein has to be processed by the body into smaller units in order to be used, then that energy is being taken away from the muscle synthesis process. Also, much will be wasted or used for other body functions. 94% of the protein in SomateinTM is BCATM peptides, ready to be used for muscle. The useful absorbed protein in SomateinTM is actually higher than other protein brands, claiming to have 2-3 times more protein per serving. It's not the amount of protein perserving, it's the amount of useable protein, or BCATM peptides, that determines effectiveness.

The Sequenced Broken Chain AminoTM Peptides in SomateinTM include Glutamine Peptides, GlycoAmino Acids, Branch Chain Aminos, IGF-1, IgG and Taurine.

All you have to do is read Bill Philip's Supplement Review to know why SomateinTM contains essential fatty acids. EFA's are the building blocks of testosterone. EFA's may increase fat burning. EFA's may be anti-catabolic and anti-inflammatory. EFA's may increase growth hormone secretion and improve the action of insulin. EFA's may enhance oxygen use and energy transformation required for optimal peformance.

Herbal adaptagents make the body stronger as it reacts to stress. Resistance exercise is physical stress. The potent herbal adaptagens in SomateinTM optimize the use of this formula's unique protein blend to make the body stronger in response to physical stress. The herbal adaptagens in SomateinTM will also help to energize a workout.

The protein activators in SomateinTM will help to ensure that all ingredients are digested throughly. More energy can go into building muscle and not digesting protein.

The addition of pharmaceutical mono, poly and oligo saccharides will actually help to add volume to muscle tissue while sweetening SomateinTM.


All you have to do is compare SomateinTM to any other protein product on the market. We are not offering a "bargain basement" product. What we are offering is PERFORMANCE. For the growing percentage of serious athletes who care what goes into their bodies, SomateinTM will become an essential part of their daily nutrition programs.

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