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Human Growth Hormone has been extensively studied, both clinically and theoretically, for many decades. It is said to be "Fountain of Youth" and has excited the medical community with its numerous positive physiological effects on degenerative conditions related to both aging and disease. The reported effects of growth hormone therapy includes restored hair growth and hair color, a reduction in wrinkles, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight, as well as an increase in muscle mass, bone mass, energy and sex drive. Improved Formula!

Long ago VesPro Life Sciences understood that the megatrend of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine was colliding with the babyboomer obsessio with looking and feeling younger. We have harnessed the energy from that collison. The company pioneered the marketing of growth hormone releasers (secretagogues) to meet the needs of the anti-aging marketplace in the summer of 1997. In the last one and a half years VesPro has worked with more than one thousand physicians around the world who use oral growth hormone releaser for their patients. The data we collected and the feedback we obtained from many of those physicians has provided VesPro with valuable knowledge regarding the effects of oral secretagogues.

Realizing that there were few legitimate GH releasing products available, our physicians commissioned us to find the most efficacious and up-to-date product technology for their patients. Accordingly, our research pointed to the need for more contemporary amino acids and compounds, which would produce an even greater physiologic response of growth hormone surge. VesPro discovered compounds, which would take secretagogues to the next level for the health care professional.

  SOMATOMEDTM is VesPro's newest state-of-the-art growth hormone releasing secretagogue (GHS). SOMATOMEDTM not only incorporates all of the latest research, but it also provides our physicians and patients cost savings and convenience.
SomatoMedTMis designed to provide total hormone support including Growth Hormones, DHEA, Testosterone, Estrone, Estradiol and Estriol.
Improved Formula!
Each Bottle of SOMATOMEDTM Contains 60 Tablets.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 tablets
Amount Per Serving:

  • 75mg Hypothalamic Peptide/Alpha GPC Complex
  • 1475mg Branch Chain Amino Matrix
  • 600mg Synergistic Adatagen Support Herbal Blend
  • 390mg Nutraceutic Matrix
  • 71mg Calcium Phosphate
Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Vegetable Fatty Acids.

Hyperthalamic Peptide/Alpha GPC Complex: Hyperthalamic Peptide and Alpha-glycerylphosphroylcholine (Alpha GPC) with APF.

Branch Chain Amino Matrix2: Valin, leucine, isoleucine, ornithine, glutamine, arginine, glycine, lysine, cystein, methionine, inosine, tryosine, in a sequenced form.

Synergistic Adatagen Support Herbal Blend: A proprietary non-commercial herbal base of blend Mumie extract, Tribulus extract, Chinese Licorice extract and Schizandra extract.

Nutraceutical Matrix: Colostrum, GABA, Mucuna Purines.

APF Acid Protection Factor: a natural proprietary Acid Protection process designed to Chaperon the transport of amino acids and peptides safely through the stomach for sequencing, complexing and absorption in the intestinal tract, and provide bioavailability to their naturally intended target uptake sites.


Store in cool, dry area. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Synergistic Adaptagen Support (SAS) Herbal blend

Mumie: Little was known about this powerful, natural adaptagenic compound until 1993 when secret, Russian research was released to the western world. This research documented the ability of Mumie to facilitate complete long-term overnight recovery from physical and mental stress. Mumie has outstanding anti-inflammatory and healing effects. It is very beneficial for reducing joint soreness in the knees, shoulders and elbows.

Liver Support:

In order to maximize the effects of SOMATOMEDTM it is important that the liver functions at optimum levels. SOMATOMEDTM leaves nothing to chance. That is why this product contains herbs known for centuries to have significant positive benefits for liver health and function.

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