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About 3 months ago I suffered a serious injury while playing soccer. I tore the muscle in my right calf, tore the cartilage in my right knee and knocked a piece of the joint surface off of the femur (thigh bone) at the knee. I had a cast on my leg for a while and was on crutches. The calf was swollen to twice its normal size and the skin was so tight you could not press it in. My knee turned black and blue all the way around and it extended up my thigh about 4 inches and down to my ankle.

The orthopedic surgeon believed surgery was necessary and we even discussed the best time to do it. Without the surgery, he said he did not think I would be able to run straight ahead normally or without pain.

This injury occurred 2 days after I received my first bottle of IGF-1 spray. I started using it in high doses, probably 15 sprays per day. I also re-started using the Somatine, 2 to 3 scoups twice a day. Both of these are much higher than recommended, but I neede some extra help.

The first 3 weeks after the injury were pretty bad as I have described above. I had to sleep in a reclining chair so I could prop my foot and leg up on a couple of pillows to prevent further swelling and pain. Even turning over in bed hurt, a lot. Although some of the pain and swelling gradually went away, itreally did not seem like I was getting much better. Both the knee and calf were still causing major problems.

Then about the beginning of the 4th week, something happened. I was still using the IGF and Somatine as described about. Over the course of about 2 days, it suddenly started to get better, quickly. It was not a situation of gradual improvement, but rather dramatic, daily improvement.

I realize that this is about the time a soft tissue injury of this general type would show improvement, but my injury was so severe that surgery was anticipated. It was not the sort of thing that would miraculously get better. If it did get better it would takes months, gradual reintroduction of walking, rehabilitation exercises, etc.

I could, liiterally, feel my injury healing. I have played contact sports all my life. I have had 17 fractures and countless other bruises and sprains. I know how I heal and what to expect. What I was expecting was this - I would probably need surgery, and, if I did not have the surgery, I would be out of action until the end of the year. My realistic goal was to be able to play indoor soccer in the second session, which starts in January.

So anyway, suddenly it starts to heal. Within 2 weeks it is healed. 5 weeks after the injury I am able to play soccer again, no limp, no pain. This is nothing short of unbelievable - as I mentioned, I have had many injuries, and I have never experienced anything like this healing.

I have to attribute a good bit of it to the IGF-1 spray, especially in conjunction with the Somatine. The IGF stimulated my body to repair, and the Somatine supplied the needed nutrients.

~Dr. Mark Medvedeff

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